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Sparkle Designs have been proudly working with and using Swarovski Crystals since our founding in 2006 where until 2016 they were the only rhinestone we used on our dresses.   New for 2016 we are now not only using Swarovski Crystal Rhinestones on some of our dresses, but also we now sell Swarovski crystals in our new online shop at very competitive prices.

Swarovski can be considered the upper echelon and market leader in the rhinestone world with more facets on their Xirius range than any other manufacturer.

Swarovski offer one of the largest ranges of colour options on the market and one of the most extensive ranges of sew-on stones in many different shapes and sizes.

Swarovski Elements has progressed from being a rhinestone supplier to the most in-demand crystal company globally continually developing and expanding its range and at the forefront of innovation.

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