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4 days ago

Sparkle Designs

I hope everyone is having a lovely summer. For those of you not on holiday a quick reminder there’s a competition on at leatherhead leisure centre this Sunday but unfortunately I won’t be there to exhibit as its my mums 70th birthday party. ... See MoreSee Less

Izabela and Leighton ❤️❤️
Well done Zoe and Ollie 👏👏
Melisa Kirkpatrick and Will Duffin from this weekends UK closed competition
winners of the pre champ ballroom the lovely Sophie and her partner James 😃😃
Semi finalists Tim and Tallulah well done both of you ❤️❤️


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Beverley- they look amazing on that floor!!! Thank you!

Tim and Tallulah are amazing dancers and a pleasure to watch. Tallulah looks stunning in her beautiful dresses. Well done to my favorite juniors!!! Xxx

First photo I’ve been tagged in from this weekends UK closed, well done Zoe and Ollie, hopefully lots more to follow

3 weeks ago

Sparkle Designs

A day late as the pro am competition started yesterday but I’d like to wish all of my sponsored/ supported couples and customers competing at Bournemouth in the UK Open the best of luck over the next four days, sorry I can’t be there to see you all but I can’t wait to see pictures. 😃😃 ... See MoreSee Less

1 month ago

Sparkle Designs

Hello everyone.

Just a little reminder that folllowing a super busy year we are now into our short summer break. We hope the rare UK summer heatwave holds up for you all while we're away.

The word on the web is that, contrarary to published data, the wifi where we are going is not going to be up to much.

Please feel free to email us or private message us and we'll get back to you asap on our return.

We'll be back, refreshed and ready to go on 1st August.

Also quick hello and thanks to Rosa that stones our dresses who is still working hard on the huge box we dropped off last week.

See you soon
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All set up exhibiting at leatherhead leisure centre today 😃😃


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Shell Bell that gold/green made for you💃💃

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