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Is that my

Some times I go for weeks/months without doing the same colour,not this time though! I reckon about 4 in as many weeks all for completely different associations,another Bluebell dress in progress.
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3 weeks ago

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So the British Open has almost been forgotten so's the UKA summer premier,now we're onto stars at Brentwood this weekend so good luck to all competing there,hopefully I'll have some more photos to show you and no sooner than this weekend is out of the way its the Natd grand finals in Blackpool and the Uk closed in Bournemouth and breathe Beverley 😁😁 ... See MoreSee Less

I absolutely love  seeing photos of dresses Ive done,well done to everyone from Rushby dance and fitness  centre competing this weekend at the UKA summer premier competition in Blackpool.Image attachmentImage attachment
Good luck to everyone dancing at the British Open in Blackpool over the next ten days can’t wait to see your photos ❤️
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