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Dance America was formed by the team of Peter and Cassandra Schneider in Florida, USA and offer one of the USA’s first and most respected ranges of Dance Practicewear.

All garments are manufactured in Florida USA and a selection is stocked in the UK by Sparkle Designs.
We spent many years looking for the right product and company to partner with since we believe in being a specialist in all areas in which we work. We specialise in exquisite Ballroom and Latin Dresses (made in house at our facility in England), and have to ensure we give 100% of our design and manufacturing time to this range to ensure we remain at the top.

Our customers indicated there was a need for a new high quality, competitively priced practicewear range for the UK market. After much research and evaluation we concluded that Dance America ladies practicewear is the perfect accompaniment to our couture range and perfect for exciting elegant, crease free!, comfortable practicewear (and also great for social dancing and those who are just starting out).

All pieces in the collection offered have been designed to be worn as dancewear and everyday attire. Materials (excluding special collections) are 92% Polyester and 8% Spandex. The special weave of Dance America Practicewear allows for easy packing and travelling with almost no wrinkles!

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Dance America Practicewear from Sparkle Designs