Alexandra Hixson and Andrey Sirbu

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Alexandra Hixson &
Andrey Sirbu

United Kingdom Champions

International RS Champions

Andrey and Alexandra have been dancing together since April 2006, representing England. In this time, they have amassed many titles, including International U21 finalists, Rising Star Finalists, World Championship Bronze Medallists, Amateur UK Champions, and most recently, International Professional R.S. Champions.

They spend their time split between their home in Bournemouth and travelling to Andrey’s home town of Chisinau in Moldova. They travel extensively throughout the UK and Europe for teaching, demonstrations, and competitions.

From the timeline above, you can see that this year we are celebrating 10 years being part of Andrey and Alexandra’s team.

Andrey and Alexandra are available for teaching (including private lessons), demonstrations, Pro-Am (a new exciting development in the UK which has been popular worldwide for many years) and 1st wedding dances.

Visit their website for more information or follow the social media links.


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