Adult Ballroom and Latin Dance Dresses

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Adult Ballroom and Latin Dance Dresses from Sparkle Designs, one of the areas where we began and what we are still best known for, the best couture dance dresses in the UK at competitive prices without any compromise on materials and design. As always our couture range is 100% manufactured in house, in England, by us.

With over 20 years of experience designing world class ballroom and latin dance dresses for the top dancers in the world, Beverley Holley, our founder, is a perfectly trained, time served and one of the most experienced professional designers in the UK.

Prior to starting Sparkle Designs Beverley was one of the main designers on early series of Strictly Come Dancing (only leaving to start our company), and also designed for the worlds very best dancers including Hazel Newberry, Joanne Bolton, Alessandra Bucciarelli and Kristi Boyce to name but a few.

In addition to our vast number of happy (and almost always returning) customers, Sparkle Designs are proud to design for and are the exclusive dress sponsor for Alexandra Hixson and Andrey Sirbu, Lydia Hall and Oliver Beardmore and Linda Chatterley and Ian Saville (naturally in no particular order as they say on Strictly).

When we say we are committed to personal service it’s not just a throw away marketing statement. Beverley will be your personal designer and contact from design talk, though fitting, dress collection and all other communications. You have our promise that all design and technical communications will be from her, in person.  We are completely genuine and many customers become personal friends that’s how close we work with you.

Dresses are manufactured using the very best fabrics and we have a close working relationship with Chrisanne Clover for our fabrics and Elite Crystals for our rhinestones, while also offering crystals from Swarovski.

How do we keep competitive??? Simple! We don’t have a boutique, factory or shop in London or major city, we don’t jet all over the world going to expensive exhibitions, we don’t spend vast amounts advertising how great we are, nor do we have big cars with personalised plates or a large workforce.

We operate from our Victorian seaside house in Eastbourne on the sunshine coast at the edge of the South Downs National Park, with its own design studio, and all the facilities we need (and its not far from London!).  In the spring/summer, after your appointment you can enjoy a stroll along the Victorian promenade, top up on your tan, visit our 150 year old pier or take cream tea at the Grand Hotel.  Some even make a weekend of it’s since it’s such a great place to be (and cheaper than London!)

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Ballroom and Latin Dance Dress from Sparkle Designs